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william h. macy turns 43 today. and our fan of the day, look at the beautiful big smile on sadie burress. she's giving a big thumbs up in north carolina where she watches us on wfoc channel nine. >> we have to send your photo to et, send it on to facebook carson today in the first round of the pac-12 tourney in las vegas 2nd half 2 carson - the sweet spin and goes in for the layup 70-65 asu carson: 34 points 2nd half, stanford down 4, 3 aaron bright - hits the 3- pointer and is fouled bright: 27 points overtime 4 more carson - another blow by to the tin as carson scores 5 of his 34 points in o.t. asu wins: 89-88 spartans fire nessman san jose state basketball [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. coach george nessman was fired this morning, 12 hours after the spartans were eliminated in the wac tournement two years ago nessman guided san jose st to their first winning season since 1993, games each of the past two seasons in 8 seasons under nessman, san jose state compiled a record of 86-161.
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ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. next at 8. new tonight at 8.toxic homes. a dangerous chemical that seeped into the ground decades ago is back.and it's homeowners now having to make a tough decision.
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now at eight: industrial waste dumped in the bay area decades ago. its a cancer-causing substance now spreading into new neighborhoods. i am probably looking to relocate. kron talks to neighbors in mountain view making a hard choice between their homes and their health that dangerous chemical is a solvent left over from the semi-conductor business 30 it's known to cause cancer been found, residents do not use the groundwater. new tonight at 8-- kron 4's scott rates talked to residents who thought they were safe. people who live along evendale ave in moutain veiw never expected that they would have to deal with the same toxic vapor that has plaged communities near the old intel building and fairchild seimiconducter factory for decades it simply has never thought to have seeped into this section of the neighborhood, until now. >> it was a surprise when this showed up. it is a there is the philadelphia
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cancer causing substance. one of the problems is that it can become a vapor and get into people's homes. but where did this new batch of tch come from? it could have been late tonight dumpingthe discovery was made by the epa after their latest test turned up against miami. they are closing in that. the story is that he had an injury, but the lakers lost. been a good night. trichloroethylene or tce matt granato lives right in the middle of the new hot zone >> probably looking to relocate. >> i've checked with the epa and the best bang is to call them and they will do in air samples to find out if you have any of those toxic vapors. reporting in mountain view, scott rates, kron 4. this is just near
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101. take a closer look. it is along these mean streets. there are higher levels and lower levels we have outlined some of these and will continue to bring you updates as we bring you these informations who has been dealing with tch for more then ten years, she says there are ways to contain it now let's show you the view being impacted by the toxic vapors. this is just off 101.and the area is basically flanked by nasa ames and google's headquarters. it's along fairchild drive and evandale avenue.between tyrella avenue and wishman road. people living or working in the area can call the e-p-a, which will come out and test the air quality. and we'll continue to bring you updates as we uncover more information. new at 8. a sad development tonight in the search for a missing oakland woman. a spokesperson for the family of erica maska-leris says police have suspended
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their search. because they believe erica is dead - and may have committed suicide. she was last seen thursday morning on surveillance video outside an oakland bakery. her family has released a statement thanking the community and police for their help and support. no further details are being released.. >> it's been nearly one year since the disappearance of sierra lamar. the 15-year-old cheerleader from morgan hill was last seen march 16 last year. while on her way to school. her body has not been found - and the search continues. this man-- antolin garcia torres-- was arrested and charged with kidnapping and murdering her - but has yet to enter a formal plea. amid plans to commemorate the anniversary of her daughter's disappearance - sierra's mother talked to kron four's rob fladeboe. >> the tenacity of these volunteers is amazing. >> reporter: marlene lamar is not about to give up on sierra either but she admits the past year has been extremely difficult. >> the pain and the loss has not dissipated it is not even this credible. i still see items that remind me of my daughter. the tears are not evident as marlene goes about her business as an occupational
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therapist here in fremont, where sierra grew up, but a day does not go by when marlene does not think of her daughter and what's next. >> i do not have any closure i am far from it. there is still a lot of unanswered questions with the person of entrance and not entering a plea. we have not discovered a body and it has been one here. >> reporter: on saturday, the search for sierra will resume following a special tribute to sierra at the search center in morgan hill. after that, as they have every week for the past year, volunteers will fan out into the countryside. later they will stage a fundraiser at the niles hall in fremont. like the signs still all over town say.marlene and company aren't giving up until sierra comes home. >> it is a blessing to see that the community has not given up.
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it helps to raise our hopes and the sustained us. in fremont rob fladeboe kron 4 news ".cheering and bell ringing" >> catherine: tonight-- catholics around the world are celebrating a new pope. thousands gathered in st. peter's square, to see history made. cardinal jorge bergo-leeo of argentina. was selected by a conclave of cardinals. kron four's grant lodes has more on the 76 year old former archbishop of buenos known as pope francis. on the right. pope francis. over here, the 12th=century
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saint francis of assisi. he is the patron saint of, among other things, animals, the environment and the city of san francisco. the new pope's choice of his name may be a sign of big changes at the vatican. he is very harmful. everybody knows that. he does not like to be full of himself. he has been outspoken opponent of abortion and same-sex marriage. new at eight, - latin american experts are weighing in on the first pope from that part of the world. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, some say the move is sending some key messages on the
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future of the church. >> i think this is very >> reporter: professor and director harley shaiken of the center for latin american studies at ucberkeley says at first he was surprised to hear the announcement of jorge bergolio of argentina as the next pope, but quickly realized the magnitude of this choice. it is symbolic for south america, bringing the church to an area that has lost many catholics. shaiken also says the fact that bergolio's first language is spanish also important.
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>> it is great that it connects beyond latin america spain's there are so many that have ties to latin america..and don't forget that here in us, fastest growing section latinos, so this will be more seniority to them. shaiken also adds that the timing of a latin american pope is pivitol. in the next few years, the region will hold the world cup and the olmpics. again this puts this area on the center stage and that is huge. lastly, shaiken says, with the church as an institution facing many
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challenges right now, bergolio's steps will be closely watched. ahead at eight. an east bay high school is stepping up patrols. after a threatening note was left in a campus bathroom. >> jacqueline: temperatures in the 50s in daly city still mild and for the south bay but these have been picking up and the fog is still pretty decent at the golden gate. the dense fog is expected to more with mild temperatures. tomorrow, cooler weather expected because of these sea breezes that are going to pick up. temperatures could be dropping. five, 10 degrees. we will talk more
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about that and the rainfall, coming up. >> coming upand -- last call could be a little later. the local lawmaker who wants to allow bars to serve alcohol into the early morning hours. >> coming up the transition of the golden gate tolls. however, a kiosk will accept cash [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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♪ >> new tonight at 8-- former defense secretary leon panetta says the u-s army should release court- martial records of a former soldier. who shot and killed two santa cruz police
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officers. on february 26-th, jeremy goulet shot and killed police detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler. when they came to his house to investigate a misdemeanor sexual assault. he was later killed in a shootout with authorities. goulet was accused of rape in 2006 shortly after arriving in hawaii. and was discharged in early 2007. goulet also had a long criminal past in the following years. panetta says goulet's case underscores the military's tendency to quote-- "look the other way"-- in sexual assault cases. >> catherine: extra police will patrol an east bay high school for the rest of the week. that's after someone wrote a threat to shoot students. the disturbing message was found tuesday on the wall of a girls bathroom at foothill high school. >> to make sure that if they did make this threat they
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are also there because they want to students to feel safe and come to them and share information that they have. officials think it was written by one of the female students. the message says it says"i hate everyone at this school. watch me shoot everyone on march 14th." ". info that they have." extra police will patrol on and around the campus. school officials say the message may be a cry for help. they want the person who wrote it to come forward. anyone with information can contact police.and remain anonymous. last call at bars in california could get pushed back - from 2 a-m to 4 a-m. san francisco state senator mark leno is proposing the new legislation. he says it's designed to generate more money for the extending hours at restaurants, bars and nightclubs. each county would be able to
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decide whether to buy into the idea. chavis off the dense fog is returning. especially close to the coast. it will clear but slower to clear. saturday and temperatures are going to be gradually taking a decrease. it will be noticeably cooler. the bayshore and towards the coast widespread. and even for the in the valleys. concord seeing some of that this is when it will be in full swing. giving yourself some extra time out the door tomorrow. the fog will clear out. but it is still lingering for the bayshore. and the coast. the early afternoon the with mild temperatures. it will still
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be '70s but for the 3:00 p.m. hour, 70's. down to the south bay, 70's in palo alto. for the inland valleys. 60s in union city. the 50s to the coast. low 50s in ocean beach. still and the 70's for the north bay. the cooling trend will begin tomorrow. early next week. rain in our extended forecast to keep you posted.
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>> catherine: a concert tomorrow at the san francisco symphony has been cancelled. so have shows through the weekend. the reason -- a walk-out by the musicians. they were picketing today.and have been without a contract since the end of november. they say that despite being the third highest paid symphony musicians in the country. with a median salary of 160-thousand dollars. they still fall an average of 75-hundred dollars behind colleagues in chicago and los angeles. ".consideration tomorrow" symphony management says it believes the proposals are fair, given the recent economic decline. they'll make a decision about the weekend concerts soon.. if the musicians remain on strike -- a four concert tour to new york and washington d-c next week will also have to be cancelled.
8:21 pm
we're exactly two weeks away from the transition to all- electronic tolling at the golden gate bridge. no more toll-takers. there will only be one way to pay with cash after the change bridge authorities are turning to technology to make this possible. kron 4 tech reporter gabe slate has the story. >> we are anticipating between 101 hundred 50 of these locations. these locations are near gas stations, grocery store is. in those locations are these touches screen kiosks.
8:22 pm
>> this shows the menu of what you can do. you can add funds. you can make a one time payment. you can pay a toll and voice. >> if you simply want to pay a toll you will enter your license plate. and if the date. >> this tells me that i bought it today. in have my license plate number. my conference confirmation. these items will be your new best friend.
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>> coming up. why do not send out notices to people? >> i was not home. in the next edition of people behaving badly. >> gary: coming up all of beha[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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(male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> he should not have that right to be pointing that camera in anybody's face putting them on video like that it should be against the law >> funny things happens when you tell some people of the bayview section of san francisco that they have to
8:26 pm
follow the rules hypophysis.-- i've bought thise --. look i bought this house this is my property so how far does it have to be off the sidewalk you need to pull your car forward into your driveway anything past your property line is considered the sidewalk so >> right now you have enough to pull your car completely up you need to unlock your garage and pull it in and that is just the problem, many of the people i spoke to are using there garages for everything except parking >> if i want to make it a storage bin i can make it a storage bin, garages is so you can park in but half the people don't park in the garage what are you talking about >> which is one of the reasons people contuine to park on the sidewalk illegally and the reason dpt anling with sfpd are writing
8:27 pm
tickets and giving warnings >> if you are not going to let us talk and retort then we are done well this is my conversatation when i'm done then you talk >> not every resident is resistant following the rules i live right there on the corner and i walk down to the store i get tired of walking down in the steet . >> doing there job tag em >> there is so much love in the bayview >> don't give up no ticket this is our driveway 9your >> on city property maam >> your're crazy as get the out of here >> in 90 munites 128 parking tickets were issued and that was just one side of third street what y'all you need to do is send out notices to people we did we were out here for a whole month well obviously >> i was home in the baview section of san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving
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badly' at kron- four-dot- com.
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that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >> coming up history is made. and the experimentation of a lulling bicycles on the the bart trains during high commute times. >> decent visibility but that is going to change.
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temperatures coming up and your forecast. [ female announcer ] the one for all.
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>> now for a look at our top stories at eight-thirty. it's been nearly one year since the disappearance of sierra lamar. the 15-year-old cheerleader from morgan hill was last seen march 16th of last year. her body has not been found -- but the search continues. arrested and charged with kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar. but has yet to enter a formal plea. industrial waste dumped in the bay area decades ago. now spreading into new neighborhoods in mountain view. the dangerous chemical is a solvent left over from the airchild seimiconducter factory 30 years ago. people who live along evendale ave in moutain veiw never expected that
8:34 pm
they would have to deal with the same toxic vapor that has plaged other nearby communities for decades. the chemical is known to cause cancer and birth defects. tonight, the world has a new pope. white smoke billowed from the chimney on the sistine chapel. signaling that a new pope has been chosen. he's a cardinal from argentina. and the first pope from latin america. he's known as a simple man.who lived in a small apartment, took the bus. and made his own meals. thousands crowded st. peter's square today - to see history made. the selection of a new pope today happened inside vatican city, the traditional headquarters of the catholic faith. kron 4's charles clifford gives us a closer look at the vatican. >> we are great and excited to hear that he was left and. i am one-half columbia and. and i am glad to hear that he is latin--and the
8:35 pm
reason why i love st. francis de apostle let and his ability to connect with multiple ethnicities. sometimes we miss the opportunity to take a little deeper into that relationship. and certainly other cultures and religions. st. francis of assisi had that ability. >> the po coming from latin america with a great number of poor people. they are well aware of the need to help administer the need for the church to have a preferential option. >> in san francisco kron 4 news. >> this selection was in side of vatican city. charles clifford gives us a
8:36 pm
closer look at the vatican. >> this is a google earth view of vatican city, which is actually a sovereign state located within the city of rome, italy. the most prominent feature of the vatican is st peters basilica, which includes the dome of st peters.. rising there in the middle of the screen. in front of the basilica is an open plaza known st peters square...this is where thousands of people have come over the past few days to await the selection of a new pope. now the college of cardinals, which chose the pontiff, held it's conclave inside the sistine chapel. which is on the north side of the basilica. this is where the famous chimney is mounted that puts out black or white smoke to signal if a new pope has
8:37 pm
been chosen. around 7pm tuesday evening in rome, white smoked poured from that chimney indicating that a new pope had been selected. shortly there after the bells of st peters began ringing... people started streaming into the square about an hour later pope francis appeared here on the balcony of st peters, where he addressed a crowd estimated to be in the tens of thousands. in the newsroom, charles >> catherine: charles clifford, kron 4. >> week. on an experiment involving riders with bikes. >> i think it is a great idea. i think they should make longer bart trains. >> it would be nice if there was a separate car for trains. they should have a place on bart. >> it's going to launch its second "bikes-on-board" pilot program. and try to find more room for bikes on the trains. during next week's pilot program -- bikes will be allowed on all trains. but. during peak commute hours.the first 3-bart-cars will be off-limits to bicyclists. the bypass tunnels at devil's slide on highway one are set to open march 25th. the twin tunnels are along a treacherous stretch of
8:38 pm
highway hich has been plagued by repeated landslides - making the tunnels necessary. they're the first tunnels built in california in more than 50 years - and they cost 439 million dollars -- and took 7 years to complete. in national news -- police in upstate new york are searching for a gunman after four people were killed in a shooting spree. the suspect has been identified as 64 years old kurt meyers police say he began a rampage by burning his home. he then shot and killed two people -- and injured two others at a barbershop and an automotive business. >> catherine: a fire in a gas pipeline in louisiana has been burning since tuesday. crews are letting it burn out - and it will probably last through at least thursday. the fire began when a tug boat hit the gas line. it was pushing a barge that was carrying thousands of gallons of crude oil. there's an oily sheen on the water - but the coast
8:39 pm
guard says there doesn't seem to be a significant leak. four people on the barge were injured. >> jacqueline: the sea breezes have taken over notice the in the valleys have a bit more shelter. it is still very mild. at the upper 60s. the same in sunnyvale. as we take a look outside s we can see it is getting a bit worse. visibility reduced. it will be impacted with the bayshore and we will see areas of dense fog. reduced visibility. you might want to give yourself some extra time. it is going to be cooler tomorrow. with at least five, 10 degrees cooler. that warming trend will continue. more on that,
8:40 pm
coming up. >> catherine: still ahead on kron 4-- ever wonder where the items banned by the t-s-a end up? the answer -- coming up next. ("closing bell") and it was a ninth straight of gains for the dow. a look at today's closing numbers, next.
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>> catherine: now for today's market update. the dow has it's ninth day of gains in a row. its longest winning streak in 16 years. here are a look at today's closing numbers. the dow rose five points to close at 14-thousand-455. the nasdaq edged up nearly three points. and the s-and-p 500 rose two points. >> the hackers who stole and published financial information belonging to celebrities and top government officials. apparently exploited a website designed to give
8:43 pm
people free credit reports. an initial investigation suggests the hackers used personal details about their victims to impersonate them and get the credit reports. and tonight-- associated press says the investigation includes a san francisco-based internet company, "cloud-fare." it operates the computers used behind the scenes. to send visitors to a russian website where the stolen credit reports were being published. you've probably seen it -- even if it hasn't happened to you. airline passengers who are forced to dump banned items at the security checkpoint. you may be surprised to learn those things end up. rene march reports. it's the final dumping ground for the items you're not getting past the tsa. a spear, nun chucks, ax, heavy marble rolling pin.and lots and lots of knives >> "it has a fixed blocking blade and it also has a molded grip so you would not be able to bring that onto a plane still." >> "but then something like this you would be able to so you wouldn't get things like every month an average of 425 pounds of "stuff" ends
8:44 pm
up in tsa's hands at some of the nations largest airports. the tsa boxes it up and ships it out to states that want to make a buck by selling it. >> "this is the actual container this is right off of the truck. yes." cnn goes behind the scenes in pennsylvania at one of the largestving centers. buckets and boxes of your personal belongings from major mid atlantic airports like laguardia, jfk, and newark.all here. >> "would you say that of all the things you get in here in all of these huge bin majority of them knives, things of that sort? >> "yes i would say knives." >> "when they go through the tsa security checkpoints they have the option of either sending those items home voluntarily or voluntarily surrendering them so they can get on the plane." >> "pennsylvania is turning this cold hard steal into cold hard cash in the past nine years they've made nearly 900,000 dollars selling all the items you couldn't get through tsa security." some items are sold at this government surplus store.
8:45 pm
>> "10 pounds of assorted black knives going for 75 dollars right now." but most are sold on the website. so if you want to get back that knife airport screeners wouldn't let through, you can get it here at a price. individual states. not the tsa - set the prices for these items. the t-s-a says you do have options if you have something that's banned. you can either check it, mail it or leave it. an ohio teacher is giving her students a lesson on the power of giving. wendy killian is donating a kidney to one of her students who has a genetic disorder. 8-year-old nicole miller has one kidney.and it's been failing. 18 other people volunteered to donate a kidney. but none of them were a match. until ms. killian came along. >> "for me to be able to step in and ease that burden off of another parent who is sitting bedside of their critically ill child, that i could be the one to step forward.yes, i'm going to be go through a major surgery,
8:46 pm
but you know, it's only going to be a few weeks of my life, but to this little girl, it is her whole life." wendy says this is a blessing in disguise. since the situation is all too familiar for her. her youngest son needed a blood platelet transfusion - and the donor saved his life. still ahead, gary radnich coming up in sports...
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
>> jacqueline: certainly a beautiful day. 80s through santa rosa with the 78 in concord. 77 in livermore. and '70s along the peninsula. '70s in redwood city. and even the coast got into the 60s. changes as we take a look outside of the golden gate. the visibility getting worse. more widespread and this cooling trend will continue as we go towards the weekend. here is a look at that fog. for the bay shore, impacted and it
8:49 pm
will spread inland to the delta locations. visibility will be as low as one- quarter of 1 mi.. through the 8:00 hour so giving ourselves some extra time. most of that fog will clear some patches along the peninsula. temperatures are going to be my help. 40's and 50's. still, some 70's but more 60s for the north bay. the peninsula and even along the coast. temperatures will take a look at neighborhood by neighborhood 70's for the inland valleys. 66 degrees in richmond. 50s for the coast. 59 in daly city few rough as for the sierras is going to stay mild. clear
8:50 pm
skies with temperatures in the 50s. no rain in sight the rain could return for wednesday. we will see slightly cooler conditions let us to take a look at your ski report >> gary: good evening, everybody. dashon goldson is now officially a 49er after signing a five-year, $41 million dollar deal with the tampa bay bucs. goldson got $22 million in guaranteed money the 49ers could have kept goldson had they franchised him but felt he was not worth the one year, $7.5 million price.
8:51 pm
goldson actually turned down a 5-year, $25 million offer from the niners two years ago - which turned out to be the right decision netting him some $15 million free agent defensive back charles woodson was in the bay area today meeting with the 49ers. the 36 year old woodson was cut by the packers in a salary saving move he's a 15-year vet and 2009 defensive player of the year woodson is no stranger to the bay areahe spent the first eight years of his career with the silver and black glenn dorsey
8:52 pm
the 49ers signed their first free agent today - it's 6-foot-1, 300 pound defensive lineman glenn dorsey who spent the first five years of his career in kansas city dorsey was the chiefs 5th overall pick in 2008 but has never lived up to his lofty draft position dorsey, who missed most of last year with an injury, says he's ready to work hard and "do whatever coach wants me to do." >> alex smith speaks out about his new team. >> i've only heard good things about his good luck to alex smith and jacqueline bennett. i did not
8:53 pm
understand about our rooftop appearance and icy jacqueline. was that your idea?-and they said would you like to do it and i said yes. and it was fun for a lot the first 15 minutes and then the sea breeze kicked in. it was successful. >> kudos for his hard work. >> you should have seen the amount of the equipment that he had to carry up there. >> he does it all. >> he changed all the oil for all our cars [laughter]
8:54 pm
jacqueline bennett was up on the roof. and the big story around the raiders are there going to keep carson palmer tom brady took some salary restructuring. in hopes that they would keep his salary. signing with the denver broncos. reggie bushstanford
8:55 pm
vs. asu 1 stanford ran into a very hot freshman named jahii
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